Draft Day

Will Bill work his magic in the War Room tonight?

Growing up near Boston, I have been brought up to root and follow the Red Sox, Celtics, Bruins, and of course the Patriots. Tonight happens to be one of my favorite nights to be a Patriots fan, NFL Draft day. Although the Patriots have been letting me down as of late (Losing the Superbowl twice to the Giants), I am still a big fan and love seeing what Bill Belichick will do with his plethora of picks. Every year it seems that Bill goes with the unconventional pick, he has never been known for picking “star” players out of college, but always going with the players that will fit his “system”. It may make me say, “Who is that?”, “Why him?”, “What the hell are you thinking, Bill?”, but every year Belichick and the Patriots organization prove me wrong.

Belichick has drafted more than 15 AP All-Pro players from 2002-2011, and not surprisingly, the Patriots have won more games than any other team over the last 10 seasons. This chart (http://www.pro-football-reference.com/teams/nwe/draft.htm) really puts into perspective what Bill has achieved over the years. Each bolded player in the chart is/was an All-Pro player, and each of them were drafted by Bill. Belichick is the Dumbledore of the Draft. I’m glad I get to watch him perform his magic in the “War Room” tonight.

By Ryan "The Kid" Sheehan

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