Madden Curse: Real or Fake?

Now we all have become aware of the fact that whoever becomes the cover boy of Madden is doomed. If you go down the list there are a handful examples of great players collapsing the year they were on the Madden cover. Great example comes from last years “lucky” player, Peyton Hillis. Hillis came off a strong season where he put up 270 carries for 1,177 yards and 11 touchdowns for the Cleveland Browns. Leading him to becoming the cover of the famed game but after that it seemed to be all downhill from there. Arguing a contract extension all year, Hillis fell by the wayside and became, let’s face it, god awful.

Fantasy sites rant and rave about this so called “curse”. But, many also believe that it is a joke and just “bad luck” for a player to have a down year. Stating that many players who have great years the previous season can have an off year the next one, whether or not they’re the cover of Madden or not. They state a great and interesting point, @FantasyGuru even said, “Calvin Johnson was our #1 WR before the Madden announcement. He’s still #1, and probably #5 overall. #ignorethesocalledcurse.”

Calvin Johnson is a once in a lifetime athlete. 6’5” with athleticism and great hands you don’t find receivers like him often. Recently, he has become the winner, or loser, of becoming the Madden 2013 cover athlete. Many believe that Calvin will be able to break the streak of “terrible” seasons due to his dominance at the receiver position throughout his career. Only time will tell but as you may see in this link ( many stars have lacked their twinkle after being selected as the Madden cover athlete. And let’s only hope that Calvin Johnson can break this “streak” and let all NFL players breathe a sigh of relief when they are voted to be on the Madden cover.


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