I Love the NBA Playoffs

Best time of the year!

The NBA Playoffs may be my favorite time of the year. It is like a holiday for any basketball fan. When you think of it any big basketball fan has two favorite times of the year, March Madness and now, and right now is a great time to watch television. What is so great about the playoffs? You might ask. Well I have a great answer for you, the players actually care and they actually try now. They want to win, the ultimate goal of any NBA player is to win an NBA title and get a ring. During the season every good team  just coasts through the season knowing that they will make the playoffs. Once they get there, it is like a flip is switched. For good reason,  because fans base success off of how many championship rings you have. Michael Jordan, the greatest player of all time, has all the individual accolades you could think of. But what do more people know about him, he won 6 titles. LeBron James is another great example of just how important championships are to the fans of basketball. LeBron James may be the best basketball player on the planet right now, but people despise him and call him a “quitter”, “choke artist” and just a straight up loser because he hasn’t been able to win the big one.

Which brings me back to my original point of why the NBA Playoffs are the best part of the year. You have players giving their all to try and win the title. They are willing to do anything to win and it truly shows with the way that each player plays. From here until that last game 7 is over, I will be parked on my couch at night, watching as many games as I possibly can.


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