Why Lebron James should be NBA MVP

Is LeBron James the MVP?

Love him or hate him LeBron James is the best player in the National Basketball Association. The statistics don’t lie, and better yet neither does the tape. In his second season with the Miami Heat, James has been the most effective in his nine year career. James is shooting an astounding 53% from the floor, which is mighty impressive for a wingman. How good? Kobe Bryant a two time MVP winner has never shot over 46%. Although LeBron does most of his work inside the perimeter, LBJ is also shooting a career best from behind the arch at 36%. What’s more impressive than James’ offensive statistics is his versatility and abilities to defend the opponent’s best player regardless of what position he plays. There is no stat to prove how important James is to the Heat on the defensive side of the ball. LeBron gives other players fits with his freakish athleticism, length and quickness. In his last game against Kevin Durant on April 4th he forced KD to a season high 9 turnovers, and earned his club the victory 98-93. James has been doing more than Durant, with less. I understand the Heat did bring in “The Big Three” but they have been battling injuries and when healthy, is the Heat roster minus LeBron better than the Thunder roster without Durant? The answer is no. Durant has prolific offensive weapons with Westbrook and Harden. Not to mention Durant plays with one of the best defensive players in the league Serge Ibaka. The Thunder can win games with Durant remaining quiet throughout the entire game because of Russell Westbrook’s ability to score the pumpkin and get everyone in the offense involved. On some nights Westbrook is the MVP of the Thunder not Durant. Durant takes 19 shots a game only 3 more shots a game than his teammate Westbrook.  LeBron has been winning games for the Heat even while the rest of the big three have been out of the lineup. James in fact thrives when Wade or Bosh are absent. Wade has missed 14 games this season, the Heat are 13-1 this season with Wade out of the lineup. Westbrook on the other hand, hasn’t missed a game. Although Durant might be a better scorer than LeBron but LeBron does more. We have begun taking LeBron’s stats for granted because he puts up ridiculous numbers nightly. Averaging 27.1 point per game, 7.9 rebounds per, and 6.2 assists. Put LeBron James on any team in the league and I guarantee you that team would make it to the playoffs. Put LeBron on the Charlotte Bobcats they would make the playoffs, he is that good. This year will be LeBron’s third time taking in the award, however King James won’t care much about this award unless if he gets the job done in the postseason.

Conner Patch @connerpatch68


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