My Top 5 Boston Athletes of All Time

1) Larry Bird: Just take a look at my Larry Bird article and you will know why.

2) Ted Williams: The greatest player on the most historic team in baseball. “Teddy Ballgame” was the greatest hitter to ever live. A hitter who used his God-given talent to hit an MLB record .406 batting average.

3) Tom Brady: One of the greatest QB’s in the history of the NFL. Took a Patriots Organization that had never won a Super Bowl and turned them into a dynasty. Drafted in the 6th round of the NFL Draft, he has proven everyone wrong.

4) Bobby Orr: The greatest defenseman to ever play hockey. The only player who could take over a game by himself and then go score the goal. A special player who is known for scoring one of the most famous goals in NHL history.

5) Nomar Garciaparra: The greatest shortstop to ever play the game of baseball. Was a member of the Red Sox team that won the World Series in 2004. A class act, who could hit a baseball about 3 miles.

Honorable Mention:

  • Bill Russell
  • Pedro Martinez
  • Brian Scalabrine
  • Kevin Millar
  • Troy Brown

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