My Top 5 Sportscenter Anchors

Sportscenter for every sports fan is like heaven on television. Keeping us updated on every game and everything that is happening. They give us highlights and the anchors keep us entertained throughout. And this is my ode to them, here is my top 5 Sportscenter anchors.

1) Chris Berman

This one is pretty self explanitory. Atlhough he isn’t as much an anchor as a host, he was the original. He was the man who got it all started for ESPN and is the reason they are around today. Plus how can you not love the Bermanisms.

2) Scott Van Pelt

Possibly the funniest out of all the anchors. Again, he doesn’t anchor as much anymore because he became to big. He now has his own radio show, announces golf, and makes many appearances on the “This is Sportscenter” commercials. Just a great, funny guy that you gotta love.

3) Stuart Scott

I’ve always loved Stuart Scott. It was something about that eye that attracted me to him. He has come up with some of the greatest catch phrases in the game. He is known for always talking sports and calling out the highlights.

4) John Buccigross

Probably my favorite anchor who is still on there at least twice a week. Again, another anchor who comes up with great catch phrases while announcing the highlights. Always making people laugh in the studio and people who are watching the show.

5) Kenny Mayne

I’ve often thought Mayne was the prototype for SportsCenter anchors with comic aspirations. He’s dry, self-effacing and just a little bit mean when he needs to be. He takes the comedy to another level, whether it is the Mayne Event, “This is Sportscenter” commericlas, or game highlights. He brings another character into the ESPN studio.

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