Why I’m Taking Newton Over Rodgers and Brady

If I was starting an NFL franchise tomorrow and had the opportunity to have any player in the league, I’m starting my club with Cam Newton. Remember, I’m starting a franchise, I’m not picking who I think is the best player in the league. Therefore, you have to put into account age, talent, and potential. That’s why I’m taking Newton over Rodgers, Brady, Brees. Newton was excellent in his rookie season with the Carolina Panthers, he threw 21 touchdowns and broke the record for most passing yards by a rookie quarterback with 4,051 yards. What makes Newton so valuable is his ability to use his legs. The 22 year old rookie rushed for 706 yards and tallied 14 touchdowns on the ground. There was only one other player in the league to record more rushing touchdowns in 2011, his name, LeSean McCoy. Cam also ended his rookie campaign with the highest rushing yards per attempts with 5.6, the highest! More than any running back in the league. Killer Cam posted these godly statistics with a short training camp, which is a tough task for a rookie quarterback learning a new offense that quickly. Newton has great individual stats but he also makes other players around him much better. Take WR Steve Smith for example, in 2010 (without Newton) Smith caught 46 balls, and finished with 554 receiving yards. In 2011 (with Newton) Smith had 79 receptions and had 1,394 receiving yards. Smith also totaled 5 more touchdowns with Newton. More impressive than any statistic, is Newton’s leadership skills. The Panthers struggled to close out games early in the season, while beating the Houston Texans 21-0 the Panthers started to let the game slip away. Newton got into the huddle and fired up his troops, his Panthers held on and finished out the game with a 28-13 victory. The Panthers locker room has taken Newton’s leadership by storm. Along with great leadership skills you’re going to get someone that is going to work his tail off and get the best out of other players on his team. He is the kind of guy that enters the weight room/film room first and is the last to leave. So you ask, why take Newton over Brady, Brees, Rodgers, etc. when the Carolina Panthers finished the season 6-10? Of course you’re going to take your lumps with a rookie quarterback, just like Peyton Manning. The great Peyton Manning had a brutal rookie season, throwing more interceptions than touchdowns and his Colts finished the season with a 2-14 record. Just like Manning, Newton will continue to improve, the sky is the limit. When it is all said and done Newton will be known as the best quarterback in the history of the National Football League.

Conner Patch @connerpatch68


2 comments on “Why I’m Taking Newton Over Rodgers and Brady

  1. I agree 100% with this. My opinion my be biased given that I’m a Panthers fan, but he undeniably had a transcendent season, and carries considerable promise moving forward. As a fan of the Panthers, I can truly say I am absolutely thrilled that we finally have our first real franchise quarterback!

    • I also liked what they did in the draft this yr and I like the pickup of Mike Tolbert. Tolbert is a guy that can do a lot of the teams dirty work. Rumor has it he will be playing fullback for them

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