Just how Good is Josh Hamilton?

Rumor has it that chicks dig the long ball, if that is the case Josh Hamilton scored himself Kate Upton and the veteran Jennifer Aniston with last night’s effort. It was last night Hamilton preformed something that has only been done 16 times in the game of baseball’s history, four homeruns, one game.

But the question still remains on Hamilton, how good is he?  His story is that of lore at this point, early draft pick by the Rays, gets involved with drugs at a tattoo parlor, revitalizes his career by getting clean winds up in Texas and becomes the MVP shortly there after.

Continuing with the question however, Hamilton is a career .313 hitter (including the .400+ clip he’s off to this year). But after that he’s only played essentially two full seasons, playing 156 games in 2008 and 133 in 2010, in other years 89 games in 2009, and only 121 a year ago. Health playing a major part in Hamilton’s on the field ability.

He has hit 30 home runs twice 2008, and 2010. In both of those seasons he saw a drastic change in his per game RBIs.  In 156 contests in 2008, Hammy drove in 130 runs, which equates to .833 RBI’s per game, however in the injury plagued season of 2009 playing 89 games Hamilton drove in around .606 runs per game. In the middle years 2011, 121 games=.77RBI per game and 2010 133 games=.75RBI/Game.

However taking a look at Hamilton defensively with the cannon he calls a left arm. Through six, not full, big league seasons Josh Hamilton as dished out 34 outfield assists. To go along with Hamilton in the field, he’s made 20 errors in those six seasons with a mediocre fielding percentage of .985.

We know Hamilton can ball when healthy, but is he a risk worth taking with the when healthy. But since last nights four blast performance, Rotoworld tweeted today that the Rangers and Hamilton are negotiating his new contract. Oh, by the way, through 27 games this year Hamilton 14 big flies, 36RBI’s and batting .406.  Enough said.


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