Top 10 Hottest Wives/Girlfriends in Sports: 3-1

Here is the continuation to my Top 10 Hottest Wives/Girlfriends in Sports, like I said in my last piece this isn’t easy to narrow down, however I did do a lot of research and put a lot of time and consideration into my rankings. Below are my top 3 and after that are beautiful women that just barely missed the top 10. Enjoy!

3) David Nelson’s girlfriend Kelsi Reich: Buffalo Bills wide receiver David Nelson is dating his high school sweetheart Kelsi Reich who is a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader. Ironically the Dallas Cowboys played host to the Buffalo Bills on November 14th. On that date Nelson scored a 7 yard touchdown check the video below to what came next. It was a perfect opportunity for Nelson to propose to his long-time girlfriend but that’s just me.

2 a) Mike Fishers wife Carrie Underwood: Sorry hockey fans I don’t know too much about Mike Fisher, what I do know is his wife is a dime. Underwood is a country singer whose claim to fame came in 2005 after she won American Idol. She is a three time CMA female vocalist award winner. Underwood was ranked #60 on Maxim’s annual hot 100 list in 2009.

2 b) Petr Nedved’s ex-wife Veronica Varekova: Petr Nedved a former professional hockey player, sure did screw up this one. Nedved’s ex-wife Veronica Varekova is a hottie. Veronica is a Czech model, she has been seen in Vogue, Gap, Guess, Victoria’s Secret, Marie Claire, and most popular of all Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Edition. In 2004 Varekova found herself on the cover of SI’s coveted magazine.

2 c) Ryan Tannehill’s girlfriend Sarah Hinton: Ryan Tannehill is living the dream. Tannehill got drafted in the first round this year by the Miami Dolphins, more impressively he dates Sarah Hinton. Hinton is a Hooter’s model. Tannehill has his  hands full, a lot of distractions while he is trying to master the Dolphins playbook.

1) Kyle Boller’s wife Carrie Prejean: Kyle Boller is married to the best looking wife/girlfriend in sports and that is quite remarkable, at least something is going right for that guy. Boller is an NFL quarterback currently without a job. The California grad was drafted in the 1st round of the 2003 draft by the Baltimore Ravens. More importantly who is Carrie Prejean. Carrie is an American Model and former Miss California and Miss USA in 2009.

Below is the honorable mention, women that just barely missed the list!

Honorable Mention:

Tom Brady’s wife Giselle Bundchen

Andy Roddick’s wife Brooklyn Decker

J.J. Barea’s wife Zuleyka Rivera

Lane Kiffin’s wife Layla Kiffin

Janko Tipsarovic’s girlfriend Suncica Travica

Russell Martin’s wife Marikym Hervieux

Cole Hamel’s wife Heidi Hamels

Lamar Odom’s wife Khloe Kardashian… NAHT!

COMING SOON (Late May/Early June): Top 10 Best Looking Female Athletes!!!

Conner Patch @connerpatch68


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