An Eventful Week, Dominant Season: Aroldis Chapman

Aroldis Chapman

Aroldis Chapman is having an eventful week, more importantly a dominant sophomore season for the Cincinnati Reds. On Monday morning Chapman was pulled over on the Interstate going 93 MPH, just hours after being named the Reds new closer. The flame throwing left hander has pitched in 24.3 innings this season and hasn’t allowed a single run. Chapman also boasts a league leading .573 WHIP (Walks/hit per innings pitched) meaning he has only allowed 14 base runners deep into the second month of play. Chapman hasn’t been valued highly as a fantasy baseball player throughout the season because he wasn’t the closer, now that he is closing out games he should be added immediately. The Cuban star tallied his second save of the season on Tuesday night against the Atlanta Braves where he struck out two. He returned on back-to-back nights also pitching on Wednesday earning his club the victory while striking out two in an inning of play once again. The Cincinnati Reds paid Chapman a boat load of money to bring the lefty in. Chapman signed for a 6 year, 30.25 million dollar contract in 2010. The Reds initially signed him to be a dominant starting pitcher but due to elbow and shoulder soreness they have limited his innings early on in his career. It doesn’t look like the Reds will stretch Chapman out to be a starting pitcher this season although fifth starter Mike Leake has struggled early on. Chapman should be added in every fantasy baseball league, if you’re not sure if he is available sign onto your league… Now!

Conner “Country Breakfast” Patch @connerpatch68


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