One of the Best: Kurt Angle vs. Shane McMahon, Street Fight, King of the Ring 2001

Kurt Angle vs. Shane McMahon, King of the Ring Street Fight

King of the Ring 2001 is home to one of the greatest matches of all time. In order to have a great match the two superstars must have great chemistry, an entertaining feud, and the willingness to risk their body for the fans while in the 20’ X 20’ squared ring. In Kurt Angle/Shane McMahon’s street fight in 2001 this battle had all three.

The feud began when Shane McMahon interrupted Kurt Angle’s Olympic Gold Medal Ceremony on Monday Night Raw. Shane O’Mac announced what he thought was more important news, his WCW is coming back. Angle in disbelief that his award ceremony was interrupted gave McMahon an Angle Slam.

Once the two got to King of the Ring everything was set for a great match largely because of their superior chemistry and respect for one another. The match begins with Angle and Shane O’Mac grappling and both showing off their skills. It really starts getting interesting however when the match gets outside of the ring. Both guys are willing to risk their bodies at any cost to please the fans and they did so in this battle. McMahon takes a beating from Angle throughout the fight however the worst is when Angle tosses McMahon through the glass. McMahon failed to go through the glass three times and takes three blows to the head as a result. After Shane has been bloodied and beaten to a pulp he is carted into the ring where he keeps going at it with Angle and eventually pulls off an Angle Slam on Kurt. Angle kicks out. After blows are traded and Shane is catapulted to the turn buckle Kurt gets Shane on his shoulders and performs an Angle Slam from the top rope and finishes off one of the best matches of all time. Check it out!

(The full match can be found alongside the promo)

Conner “Country Breakfast” Patch @connerpatch68


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