LaDainian Tomlinson Ends a Hall of Fame Career

LaDainian Tomlinson will officially end his excellent 11 year career on Monday afternoon as a San Diego Charger. Tomlinson spent nine years with the Chargers and his final two with the New York Jets. LT finishes with 13,684 rushing yards ranking him fifth all-time. He also finishes with 145 rushing touchdowns ranking him second all time. The future Hall of Fame running back was consistently dominant throughout his tenure with San Diego, leading the league in rushing in back to back seasons (06 and 07). San Diego selected Tomlinson #5 overall in the 2001 draft. That fall as a rookie LT rushed for 1,236 yards and 10 touchdowns. He had one of the greatest stretches we may ever see out of a running back in NFL history. From 2001-2008 he averaged 1,470 rushing yards, and 15.75 rushing touchdowns a season. Tomlinson’s most impressive season came in 2006 where he earned MVP honors. He rushed for a career high 1,815 yards and set a single season record with 28 rushing touchdowns.

LaDainian Tomlinson

LaDainian Tomlinson

That’s just with his feet. What made Tomlinson so great was his versatility. LT is known as one of the best receiving running backs of all-time. He became the second running back to catch 100 balls in a single season in 2003. LaDainian got a lot of respect around the league for his versatility. Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis sent out a statement shortly after Tomlinson decided to hang em’ up by saying “LT changed the way the running back position is looked at. You think about him being a complete three-down back and using that as a receiver as well. You hadn’t seen that many backs have that type of versatility. He was one of those backs that you had to get in position on all downs on the ball. I think that’s the way he really changed the game.” Tomlinson also received praise from former teammates and coaches. Philip Rivers said he had “the best seat in the house every game”. Former head coach Marty Shottenheimer said “The more I was around him, the more I became convinced he is the best I’ve ever seen,” Schottenheimer said. “My timeline goes back to probably Jim Brown. I imagine that there were some terrific backs before that, but Jim Brown was the guy I always viewed as being the best all time.”

My favorite LaDainian Tomlinson statistic is his passing stats. Tomlinson ends his Hall of Fame career 8 for 12 passing. 7 of those pass completions resulting in a touchdown. In 2005 LT threw 3 touchdown passes.

Tomlinson ends his career at a young age of 32. Although LT is now known as one of the greatest running backs of all time he, much like every other running back, couldn’t avoid wear the wear and tear a full workload puts on the human body.

LT was one hell of a running back and simply electrifying whenever he touched the ball. He is a sure fire Hall of Famer and will be inducted come 2017.

Conner “Country Breakfast” Patch @connerpatch68


NFL Decides to keep the Pro Bowl… Unfortunately

Although it may be a joke, the Pro Bowl is here to stay for another year.

The New Orleans Saints’ Twitter account made it official on Wednesday with this tweet:

The NFL announced the 2013 Pro Bowl will be played at Aloha Stadium in Honolulu, Hawaii on Sunday, Jan. 27

Earlier in the year many reports stated that the NFL might cancel the Pro Bowl. For too long, it had failed to attract the game’s biggest stars, most of whom would rather not make the long trek to Hawaii to play in an exhibition game. Now, like many other NFL fans out there, I could care less about the Pro Bowl. Just a bunch of great players(not even some of the superstars) giving about 11% and going half-ass throughout the entire game. Now I understand why the players don’t go 100%, they don’t want to get hurt. As a player I wouldn’t want to get hurt either, but at least try and make the game entertaining. Over the years, the Pro Bowl has become to look like a basketball game. Offenses going up and down the field while the defenses just sit back and kick it. Occasionally you can get a player such as, Ray Lewis, who may bring a little intensity to the field, but to most players it is all just jibber-jabber.

The NFL has given the game a little incentive for the players this year. Like baseball, who has awarded the winning league home field advantage in the World Series, the NFL is now awarding the winning players just a bit more than the losers. The winners will receive $53,000 and the losers will receive $26,000. As a normal, everyday citizen in the Untied States of America, that money may seem like a good chunk of change. But, to NFL players, that’s exactly what it it, change. They don’t care if they get $53,000 dollars for winning, they’ll spend that that night in Hawaii on strippers and cocaine. I digress, but still, NFL players are not going to see this money as anything special. Roger Goodell and co. are trying to make this all-star game less of a joke, I’ve yet to see any progress.

The Pro Bowl is widely considered to be one of the most unsuccessful all-star events in all of professional sports. It’s often seen as a chore rather than an honor, but perhaps Goodell is out to change that. As a fan, I am ashamed to say that this all-star game is the worst of the three major sports. When you look at the atrocity that we call the MLB All-Star game, how can the Pro Bowl be any worse, and I’ll give you one reason why: The Players. The MLB and even the NBA are able to lure the best and most popular players every year to come to the All-Star game and the All-Star weekend festivities. The Slam Dunk contest is brutally bad now, the Homerun Derby is about as good as going to my backyard and playing wiffleball, and what does the NFL do? A Passing Competition, I mean come on now, the most popular sport in the U.S.A. is having trouble getting fans? That’s when you know you have a problem.

The Pro Bowl may be on for 2013, but how much longer will it stick around after that? The game isn’t gaining any popularity among fans or players, so if the 2013 edition fails as badly as the 2012 game, you’d have to think that either a new format or a cancellation will be introduced.

This could be the Pro Bowl’s one last chance… Thank goodness.