I Don’t Know How I Feel About The Brooklyn Nets Logo…

A few days ago, photos surfaced of Jay-Z in a shirt emblazoned with the new logo for the Brooklyn Nets. Despite his very public ownership of a very small stake in the NBA franchise, there was reason for skepticism: mostly, the insignia appeared as if it were designed in MS Paint by a couple computer programmers. Shooting for aggressive simplicity, the stark logo — a “B” inside a basketball, topped by the word “NETS” — has a simple black-and-white color scheme. Outside of the vague “B,” there are no visual markers to indicate the team hails from Brooklyn. What I don’t understand is that this new logo doesn’t have any flair, any excitement. The move for the Nets should be an exciting thing, and to just go straight black and white really doesn’t show it.

But let’s get an expert’s opinion.

“I don’t hate it,” said Cey Adams, the founding creative director at Def Jam and a graphic artist who has worked with Public Enemy, the Beastie Boys, and yes, even Jay-Z. “It’s just not an improvement from the New Jersey logo.” “As far as the choice to go with black and white … not a good one,” said Adams. “I’m sure they were working outside the corporate system.”

I don’t disagree with Adams here. I do like the new logo in a way because we all know that retro is the new thing, but it just isn’t an improvement to what the Nets had before. Most NBA teams have a three color scheme, except for the Golden State Warriors, who decided to go with the blue and gold look. The Brooklyn Nets logo needs to be improved but I guess if everyone is okay with it on the team, it’ll be accepted. I may not like it, but I’m a Celtics fan so it’s all good with me.


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