Why Kevin Durant should be NBA MVP

Kevin Durant. #35 on the Oklahoma City Thunder. Arguably the best pure scorer we have seen since Michael Jordan, should be the 2012 NBA MVP. KD has been absolutely dominant this past season, leading the Thunder to a league best 47-19 record and has been playing like a man amongst boys. Enjoying his most efficient season (28-8-4, 50/38/85) , Durant has been helping his team in a variety of ways. What truly makes Durant special are not his numbers on the court but just how much he cares about winning. When your best player cares the most, plays the hardest, works the hardest, pulls for everyone else and doesn’t care about his own numbers, you’re always going to be in good shape. And it has showed throughout the season. Many people have complained that Durant could be putting up bigger numbers than he is if he didn’t have score-first PG Russell Westbrook on the club. And you know what I have felt the same way throughout the entire season, but Durant even said, “We’re worse when I take more shots…But we’re better when he (Westbrook) does do that and he’s aggressive. And I’m better when I’m out there facilitating, rebounding, defending and being more efficient on my shots with less shots.” But to truly look at the numbers Durant’s efficiency has not dwindled because of Westbrook it has actually gotten better this past season, last year he posted (27-6-3, 46/35/88) respectively.

As of yesterday, Durant took the NBA scoring title averaging an even 28.0 ppg for the third year in a row. And has become the youngest scoring title winner, the next youngest was guess who, Kevin Durant. He is averaging the most rebounds and assists he has ever averaged in his career, and is on the winningest team in basketball. How much more do I need to say. Well, there is one more thing, Durant just won’t let his team lose. He is a born winner and I believe that may put him ahead of his toughest competitor, cough-cough, Lebron James. A great example was when the Thunder played the Memphis Grizzlies. Westbrook shot a ghastly 0-13 and Durant took him and the team on his shoulders to get the win. Durant is a winner, and puts his team first. Never mind the mind-blowing numbers he is putting up, Durant should be the NBA MVP.


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