Were the Cavs serious last night?

I can now see why LeBron James left Cleveland. What a bunch of turds last night. I hope to God, Uncle Drew aka Kyrie Irving, did not come up with the outfits last night. In the era of hipsters, the “Cleveland Crew” did not disappoint. With the typical hipster shades, going with their matching bowties, the Cavs crew was ready for the lottery last night. Not only do I want to talk about what they are wearing, just check out the crew in general. Owner Dan Gilbert, his son Nick GIlbert, with Kyrie Irving, Bernie Kosar, Josh Cribbs and Joe Haden. Bernie Kosar? What in the blue hell was he doing there? Regardless, the Cavs came ready hoping and praying that projected #1 pick, “Mr. Unibrow”, Anthony Davis, fell in their lap. At least the Brooklyn Nets sent Irina Pavlova, they will at least definitely win the award for the most attractive guest

The NBA draft lottery is one of the most exciting and heart-breaking events in sports. It can make or break a team and how they look at their future. It can shatter dreams and it can make dreams come true. I remember 2005 very vividly. The Boston Celtics were projected to get a top 3 pick, as high as #2, where Kevin Durant was going to be sitting awaiting to play in the Celtic green. As the lottery balls were chosen the Celtics ended up with the 5th pick and fans were devastated. A true example of how fans are even affected by the random lottery balls. It ended up working out in the end for the Celtics and #1 pick that year, Greg Oden, has played a total of 82 games in his career. The lottery is as shaky as it gets. Good luck or bad luck, you never know how those balls are going to shoot out of that machine.

Going into last night, the Bobcats seemed to be the favorite to get the #1 pick, and get “Fear the Brow”. Here is a list of the  “Unibrow Odds” going into last night:

Charlotte Bobcats: 25%

Washington Wizards: 19.9%

New Orleans Hornets: 14.8%

Cleveland Cavaliers: 13.8%

Sacramento Kings: 7.6%

Brooklyn Nets: 7.5%

Golden State Warriors: 3.6%

Toronto Raptors: 3.5%

Detroit Pistons: 1.7%

Portland Trail Blazers: 0.8%

Just as I had said going into the lottery, it is a night of heart breaks and dream fulfillers. The Bobcats felt the heart break. Michael Jordan must have been sitting in his seat thinking, “Here we go again”, because Anthony Davis was a franchise-changing player, exactly what the poor, poor Bobcats needed. Instead, they will receive a great player in the draft such as Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, but he is not a game changer like Davis.

The team with the 3rd best chance to win the “Unibrow”, the New Orleans Hornets, won the NBA Lottery last night. The lottery went without any surprise until pick #4 went to the Cleveland Cavs, being punished for their ridiculousness, in the 4th slot. This is a big win for the Hornets as they embark on a new era under new ownership. This is the 2nd time that the Hornets have won the lottery and were given the #1 pick. They chose Larry Johnson out of UNLV in 1991.

Because I am into conspiracy theories and things of that sort, the Hornets winning this lottery begs me to ask this question, was this fixed or setup? Let me tell you why I ask this question before you begin calling me a roody-poo. This summer as well all remember, the N.O. Hornets wanted to deal PG Chris Paul to the L.A. Lakers, in a 3 team deal including the Houston Rockets. The proposed trade would have sent Paul to the Lakers, Pau Gasol to the Rockets and furnished New Orleans with three top-flight NBA players in Kevin Martin, Luis Scola and Lamar Odom as well as playoff-tested guard Goran Dragic and a 2012 first-round pick that Houston had acquired from the Knicks. Not even 24-hours had gone by, by the time David Stern forced the trade to be cancelled. Players were rattled, owners were shocked, and look what happened to Lamar Odom… tough hit. Was this the NBA giving the Hornets what they deserved back? Was this lottery a way to say sorry? Who knows, it was just a question and something I wanted to poke at.

As usual the NBA Lottery left teams smiling, some teams crying, and the Cavs looking like God knows what. As far as the draft goes we will find out what happens and who the teams will choose. Until then let’s enjoy the rest of these playoffs. Go C’s.


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